BTS Reveals If Their Future Songs Will Follow The Same Upbeat Sound As “Butter” And “Permission To Dance”

RM gave a detailed answer.

BTS recently sat down for an interview on the Zach Sang Show. They discussed a variety of topics ranging from their desire to hold future concerts to their initial impression of “Permission To Dance.”


They were also asked about the type of releases they will have in the future.

We are slowly journeying our way through the ‘Butter’ era as you release ‘Permission to Dance.’ Do these two songs kinda set up a sonic tone for what’s to come?

— Zach Sang

Though they also love their current upbeat songs, RM stated that it may not be the norm moving on. He revealed that they initially expected their Love Yourself era—with songs like “DNA,” “Best Of Me,” “MIC Drop,” and more—to be the template that they’ll follow for half a decade.

Actually, I hate to answer ‘I don’t know for the question’ but the thing is that we really don’t know. When we firstly came to Billboard in 2017, we [thought] that the Love Yourself era, that’s the direction, that’s the way we should walk for like half a decade or four–five years. But it ended really soon, like in two years.

— RM

Evidently, their sound was constantly changing. From their first few releases until present, they’re a group that continues to evolve.

And then we had another era called Map of the Soul and then we had another era called ‘Dynamite.’ And then we had this pandemic, we had ‘Butter’ and ‘Permission to Dance.’

— RM

The members of BTS participate in the songwriting process of most releases. As such, their tracks are often reflections of their own lives and emotions, thus being ever-changing.

RM was firm that every single song of theirs is their “best result” and the “best direction” that they can take. When it comes to music, they take it one step at a time.

I don’t know [what our future songs will sound like] because every choice and every release is our best result and the best direction that we’re currently going on. So I think every moment is the best that we can do and the best direction that we can pick.

— RM

As BTS continues to grow, so will their music.

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Source: YouTube