Gamer Jungkook Annihilates “Overwatch” Opponents, Stuns Pro Players

Jungkook’s Overwatch skills are impressing fans and professional gamers.

Fans don’t call BTS‘s Jungkook the “Golden Maknae” for nothing. He’s good at everything, including video games!


Now that the Speak Yourself tour is over, BTS are enjoying some downtime. On Halloween, Jungkook returned to the world of Overwatch as the deadly Widowmaker.


“In a long time,” he captioned his tweet, with the hashtag #JayKayHeyee.


Gamer ARMYs are pointing out just how incredible Jungkook’s skills and reaction time are, especially for not having played in a while. In this 4 vs 4 players game, Jungkook’s three teammates were dead, leaving him to take on three opposing players on his own. He sniped all three at the speed of light!


His gameplay has attracted the attention of some professional Overwatch players, like OGE Blizzcon from the Los Angeles Gladiators.


The team’s head coach, David Pei complimented Jungkook, calling him, “kinda insane”.


Jungkook also received love from Seoul Dynasty (Seoul’s Overwatch League team)…


Cloud 9


…and gamer Ali-A.


Who knows? If Jungkook wasn’t an idol, he might be a pro gamer!