BTS Gets A Shoutout On “Good Morning America” For Their Historic Billboard Placement

BTS have become the kings of breaking records and are getting some major recognition for it!

BTS recently topped the U.S. Billboard charts, marking the first time a K-Pop group has ever done so. While ranking #1 on the chart was already exciting enough, the group just got a shoutout from one of the biggest U.S. morning news programs, Good Morning America!

The show receives an average of 4.51 million viewers per week, which means a lot of people would have seen this news!


During one portion of the show, the show announced that K-Pop had reached a major milestone in the music industry. They talked about BTS’s rise on the charts for their Love Yourself: Tear album and then said that this album is only the second album to have cracked the top ten.


While they didn’t mention it, the album that first cracked the top ten was BTS’s Love Yourself: Her. This EP came in at no. 7 on the charts in 2017.


These accomplishments are a huge deal and obviously Good Morning America also recognized just how amazing this is! It’s not very often that artists from one country make it onto a national news program in a different country.

Some fans have also pointed out that this isn’t just about recognition. They are saying that BTS and this special message are going to open doors in the music industry worldwide.


Both topping the Billboard charts and getting a special message from the news program are absolutely amazing. Congratulations again, BTS!

Source: @ahgarose