ARMYs Discover The Heartwarming Reason BTS Gave Pink Roses As Gifts During Music Shows

It truly proves the phrase “Borahae!”

BTS‘s recent comeback with the album PROOF has been amazing for so many reasons, whether it was the new content, beautiful music, and particularly their return to music shows for the first time in over two years.

Members of BTS at first music show for “PROOF” | @mcountdown/Twitter

Due to wanting as many ARMYs to watch them perform as possible, BTS ensured to increase the size of the venues to arenas. It meant that, when they did perform, it felt like you were watching a BTS performance rather than just on a music show.

| Mnet K-Pop/YouTube
| Mnet K-Pop/YouTube 

Aside from the beautiful performances and the chance to let ARMYs watch them perform, BTS provided those attending with some beautiful gifts.

In the bags, BTS had gifted fans heart-shaped cookies that say “BTS 9th Anniversary” and “Proof,” BTS coffee, and skin/beauty products from French brand Officine Universelle Buly.

BTS’s gifts to ARMYs | @_golden_gate_/Twitter

One of the most touching gifts was the beautiful pink roses handed out to the fans from the members themselves.

| @_golden_gate_/Twitter

Well, it seems like the rose particularly had a much deeper meaning and it has taken ARMYs a few days to work it out.

One Korean ARMY shared that, unsurprisingly, they wanted to keep the roses as a special reminder of the occasion. On June 17, the K-ARMY shared a picture of the pink roses and they seemed to be hanging from a hanger, and they explained that they wanted a way to preserve the flowers.

Because it’s so precious
I didn’t know what to do with it
So I decided to dry it well
and make resin art
Because we’re together.. forever.. forever.. forever.

— OP

After a few days of waiting, the same ARMY updated fellow fans with the progress and shared their surprise at the fact that when dried, the pink flowers turned purple.

Ah, everyone, the flowers turned purple when I dried themㅠ I’m crying buckets right now.

— OP

Of course, most keen gardeners would know that roses change color after time, but many ARMYs wondered why BTS had chosen this particular flower. Well, it makes sense now as everyone knows that the color purple is synonymous with BTS.

Back in 2016, during a fanmeeting, BTS’s V saw that purple light was hitting the audience. He then explained an adorable meaning behind purple, and coined the phrase “Borahae” or “I Purple You” which is a way of showing love to ARMYs.


It meant that when the tweet was shared, ARMYs couldn’t hide their emotions seeing the thought behind the simple gift. Unsurprisingly, BTS had thought of everything and specifically picked the pink rose knowing that, like their love for ARMYs, it won’t go away.

The user wasn’t the only ARMY who noticed the beautiful change in color of the roses. Another user shared what they had done with the gifts and it had a beautiful Beauty and the Beast theme as they put it in a dome, which looked magical with the purple color.

I made mine like this. I’m crying. It’s so pretty.


As always, BTS has proven that everything they do has a meaning and it’s all to showcase their love for ARMYs. A rose has so many beautiful meanings but combined with the color purple truly represents the love between BTS and their fans.

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Source: @odengpassingby/Twitter