BTS’s Airport Penalty Saga Continues At Gimpo Airport

This trio arrived at the airport as the cutest bunnies you’ll ever see.

BTS have once again arrived at the airport dressed in their best “penalty fashion”!


By now, BTS’s Run BTS penalities have become legendary. Each time the members play a game on this variety show, the winners are given benefits or the losers are given a penalty. In some cases, that penalty means wearing something silly to the airport…


…or something extravagant!


More often than not, the members who receive these airport fashion penalties are VJiminJin, and J-Hope.


On February 15, BTS departed from Gimpo Airport to Fukuoka, Japan for their upcoming Love Yourself concerts, which will take place on February 16 and 17. V, Jimin, and J-Hope appeared in front of dozens of photographers wearing masks and these adorable bunny hats, which they also wore on Run BTS.


The trio happily posed for photos before going on their way!


Who will be the next members to continue this saga?