BTS, Girls’ Generation, PSY And More Rank On Billboard’s “100 Greatest Music Videos Of The 21st Century”

BTS, Girls’ Generation, PSY and Orange Caramel ranked on Billboard’s latest chart that gives nod to the 100 greatest music videos of the 21st century!

Billboard released their list of “100 Greatest Music Videos Of The 21st Century”, and four of the most legendary K-Pop music videos made the list!


Girls’ Generation ranked 92 on the list as Billboard deemed the music video as “one of the biggest K-Pop hits ever“!

“One of the biggest K-Pop hits ever, Girls’ Generation’s saccharine electro-pop anthem ‘Gee’ was key to making the nonet one of South Korea’s biggest pop acts, largely thanks to its video’s living mannequins, viral “crab” dance, and  brightly hued outfits.

The success of it led to the group releasing further videos that rank among K-pop’s all-time most recognizable, including ‘Genie’ and ‘I Got A Boy,’ but nothing will ever replace this 2009 music video for its critical spot in the genre’s history.”

— Tamar Herman


BTS‘s “Blood, Sweat & Tears” took 67th as a grand K-Pop masterpiece that was rich with interpretation thats “ripe for fan theories” – not to mention a nod to all the high-art references that’s educational and entertaining for all!

“‘Blood, Sweat & Tears’ is the thesis for BTS as a K-Pop group whose work is rich for interpretation. The grab-bag of high-art references makes this music video ripe for fan theories.

Cut to a museum filled with European Renaissance replications: Michelangelo’s Pietà explodes! Van Goghian sky swirls abound! V jumps off a balcony in front of a painting of the fallen Icarus! Amid this lavish portrait of BTS at the height of their game, one thing is clear: the septet makes K-Pop for the thinking fan.”

— Caitlin Kelley


Orange Caramel‘s “My Copycat” broke the top half of the chart at 48th! Billboard truly appreciated the whole concept of the unit group Orange Caramel as they pointed out their “out-of-the-box thinking“!

“Orange Caramel have never been bound by K-Pop conventions, and ‘My Copycat’ represents the pinnacle of the trio’s out-of-the-box thinking with its interactive game.

The full visual experience requires repeat viewings to scope out all of the Easter eggs hidden in each frame, as the sweeping Where’s Waldo shots turn a simple concept into a grandiose design. So this is what Orange Caramel meant when they sang, ‘Play games with my heart tonight.'”

— C.K.


PSY takes the highest rank among K-Pop artists with 12th! To no one’s surprise, “GANGNAM STYLE” was the masterpiece that was deemed one of the greatest music videos of the 21st century.

“It’s hard to believe that it’s been over half a decade since the satirical dance track ‘GANGNAM STYLE’ took the world by storm to become the first-ever video to be viewed over 1 billion times.

With its over-the-top antics aimed at mocking the denizens of Seoul’s Gangnam neighborhood, numerous cameos from local comedians and pop stars, and its easy-to-learn equine choreography, PSY’s video became a surprise global sensation that turned all eyes to South Korea’s music industry.

Though it’s no longer the world’s most-viewed music video, the legacy of “Gangnam Style” remains.”

— T.H.


Congratulations to all of the K-Pop artists – even those who didn’t make the Billboard List because K-Pop wouldn’t be where it is now without the hard work of every team!

Source: Billboard