BTS Gives The Most Comforting Advice To Students Taking College Entrance Exams

Here’s what they had to say.

The highly anticipated College Scholastic Ability Test (CSAT) is just around the corner, so BTS took time out of their busy schedules to wish students the best of luck.

The CSAT is often regarded as the biggest and most important exam that Koreans take in their entire lives, and most start studying for it from a young age.

Knowing how important this day is for thousands of students, the boys didn’t forget to send out heartwarming and comforting advice.

Jimin‘s advice was to avoid feeling anxious and to remember that the CSAT is simply one test out of many that they will take in the future.

I hope you don’t get too anxious about it. It’s not the last test you’ll take in your life. Just do your best and leave no regrets as it won’t be your last.

— Jimin

Suga and Jin reminded students to be physically and mentally in top shape, and both stressed the importance of not being nervous.

Other than avoiding nervousness, Jin suggested sleeping well the day before and trusting in their preparations.

Getting good sleep is important. It’s important not to get nervous, and just do what you’ve always done.

— Jin

V, on the other hand, suggested that they eat delicious food after the exam: “When the CSAT is over, go and eat something delicious“.

J-Hope spoke for the group when he expressed their unyielding support for those taking the exam.

To end the video, the boys cheered on all students and wished them the best.

We wish you nothing but the best. To everyone taking the CSAT, ‘Fighting‘!


Hear BTS’s full message in the video below.