BTS Gives Their Honest Opinion On Fans Saying They “Conquered The World”

They’re humble kings 👑

On November 23, Esquire released a video featuring none other than K-Pop superstars BTS.

Aside from reacting to their own public appearances and memes, they also shared their honest opinions on being told they “conquered the world”.

Leader RM spoke for the group when he humbly debunked the statement, saying they have a hard time simply cleaning their rooms.

To be honest, for us, cleaning our rooms is difficult. Can’t even conquer our room.

— RM

V agreed and asked in bewilderment how they could possibly conquer the world. RM expressed embarrassment at the high praise.

Although they couldn’t accept the statement, they were nonetheless grateful to those who feel like they deserve it.

V sent a video letter to fans, thanking them for helping them reach great heights.

But still, thanks to our ARMY, these kinds of tremendous articles come out like this…I really think it was made possible by ARMYs. ARMY, I purple you.

— V

BTS may not think they deserve the title of “conquered the world”, but their many laudable achievements beg to differ!

Among other great accomplishments, they are credited for being the first K-Pop group to land first place on Billboard‘s “Hot 100” chart.

Watch the full video below.

Source: Esquire


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