BTS’s “God Of Destruction” RM Reveals How He Truly Feels About His Clumsiness

He’s the cutest and clumsiest.

BTS‘s RM is so talented in several areas that it’s hard to believe someone so skilled can be so clumsy!

As many ARMYs know, RM has had so many moments that showed off his clumsiness that he was given the nickname “God of Destruction.” From breaking sunglasses to even breaking a phone booth, it’s hard not to find him adorably clumsy.

In their latest interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, RM revealed his true feelings on his clumsiness. During their interview, the show’s host Jimmy Fallon asked each of the members some hot questions, including, “RM, you’re the leader of BTS, but is it true you’re also the clumsiest member of BTS?

RM replied he also finds himself so clumsy that he didn’t even get his driver’s license!

Actually, I’m the one (only member) that doesn’t have any driver’s license. I’m the only one.

— RM

RM continued and hilariously explained that the reason behind not getting his license is to make sure there is world peace: “I didn’t get it for the world peace.

In the past, RM was lovingly teased by his members during a Run BTS episode about being the only member without a license and RM recently reminded everyone again during their Butter unboxing. Though there were no explanations before as to why RM didn’t have his license, now we all know he was merely keeping the world safe by staying off the road.

Before he moved on to the next question, Fallon asked once again, “Are you clumsy?” to which RM admitted, “I guess so.

Check out the clip below: