BTS Is “Beyond” Gorgeous In Their New FILA Ad, And It’s Killing Me

FILA’s finest brand ambassadors are back.

If you stan AdidasPuma, or any other sports brand, you might change loyalties after seeing BTS‘s new FILA ad.

| FILA Korea/

On August 7, FILA Korea released a new CF featuring their handsome brand ambassadors, BTS.

The concept for this teaser is “go beyond”.

Go beyond what, exactly? Beyond The Scene?

Beyond Beautiful?

Beyond My Mental Capabilities to Handle This?

Yes, yes, and also yes.

BTS’s members are giving off “sporty boyfriend” vibes in their fashionable FILA outfits, and convincing fans to switch brands without saying a word.

If you’re feeling attacked by this explosion of visuals, don’t worry. You’re not alone!

Check out the video here: