BTS Involved In Car Accident After Sasaengs Followed Them, Luckily There Were No Injuries

It’s been reported that no one was injured.

On December 9th following one of their concerts in Taiwan as part of their Love Yourself tour, the members of BTS were involved in a car accident that many believed was caused by sasaeng fans following their cars.


After finishing up their concert, the boys were on the way back to their hotel when they were caught in a traffic accident. Witnesses to the accident reported seeing four or five taxis that are specifically used to follow celebrities around bump into the cars that the members were in. BTS and their crew were using 7 different vehicles to be transported back to the hotel and these witnesses say that at least 3 of them were impacted in the collision.

Although witnesses know that some of the members were involved in the collision, as of yet no one is aware which members were in the impacted vehicles as the windows were tinted.


The promoter of BTS’s concerts in Taiwan, Live Nation, did not confirm whether the incident had to do with sasaeng fans following the vehicles or not as some witnesses had reported, they did, however, give a little more detail into the accident.

“There were a lot of cars on the highways. As there was a car in front that braked suddenly, there was an incident with a slight collision and a taxi a the back was affected as well.”

— Live Nation


Thankfully, Live Nation also reported that not only had the whole incident been resolved but that there were no injuries from the impact. Meanwhile, the members who were affected transferred to other vehicles and arrived safely at their hotel.

“Other vehicles were immediately arranged for the artists, and they’ve all safely arrived at the hotel. No one was injured and the incident has successfully been resolved.”

— Live Nation

Source: ETtoday