Here’s Where BTS Are Sitting At The GRAMMYs – Fans Are Already Excited

They technically have two tables… but fans don’t think they’ll stay seated apart.

CBS Mornings gave viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the preparation for the upcoming 2022 GRAMMY Awards that BTS will be attending as part of the performance lineup.

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Specifically, the news segment focused on the seating arrangement for the awards show, which had to be altered in order to accommodate the ongoing global pandemic.

The news segment explains that to step away from the awkward feeling of having the artists sitting in rows, they tried to make the seating more intimate by setting up small tables of four.

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And while they joke that there “might be” a lot of politics that goes into which artists sit where…

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… some sharp-eyed BTS fans have spotted exactly where BTS will be seated during the awards show.

As the video of the news segment aired, they panned over some of the different tables, each of which had attached pictures of the artists that would be seated at each one. Showing that BTS would have two tables right at the front, seated next to fellow artist and friend Halsey.

And, of course, fans couldn’t be more excited about BTS sitting at the very front, both because they feel that the immensely talented group deserves the spotlight…

As well as for their inevitable appearances on camera where they will be having an incredible time, admiring all of the performances with their genuine passion and support for their fellow artists.

And although the members will technically be split up between two tables, fans already suspect that the members will end up crammed together at one table by the end of the night.

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