Here’s The Adorable Reason Why This Grandpa Went Viral After Attending BTS’s “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” Concert

Could he be any sweeter?

After two long years without meeting fans, BTS finally got to perform in front of ARMYs during their “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” show in LA. From Jungkook going shirtless to the members cursing, it has definitely been a huge event for fans!

Although the BTS members are the stars of the show, someone else caught the attention of fans during the second night of the concert!

BTS after night two of their “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” concert | @bts_bighit/ Twitter

ARMYs have been sharing images of themselves at the concerts throughout the past few days, and it is clear that the group has such a diverse fanbase. In particular, people of all ages have been enjoying the concert, from the very young to the elderly!

One ARMY grandpa recently went viral on social after attending the “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” concert. In a tweet, a fan shared an image of a grandpa sitting watching the BTS concert.

The grandpa going viral | @kimseokjinsbby/ Twitter

If that wasn’t cute enough, ARMYs noticed that the grandpa was holding a piece of paper with all the members’ names on it which seemed to correspond to the fanchants for each track.

| @kimseokjinsbby/ Twitter

In one tweet from another fan who had seen the man, they explained that they saw the man with his wife, who is an ARMY. Because they wanted to do the fan chant without forgetting the names, they wrote it down and had it in front of them during the show.

When the image was shared, fans couldn’t get over how cute the man was. For them, it was not only proof that he was really trying to do everything he could to participate in the concert but that he cared for his wife!

Fans also shared their own stories about taking their parents and grandparents. Others also shared that there were a lot older fans at the concert than they first expected. It shows that BTS’s music has the ability to impact people of all ages.

With more dates of the concert yet to happen, there will no doubt be more people attending the shows from a wide variety of backgrounds and with different knowledge of the group. It also shows that BTS’s music doesn’t have restrictions and can be loved by many.

You can read more about what happened at the concert below.

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