How Does BTS’s Group Chat Look These Days? — Suga Has An Update

An interesting development.

During his recent Weverse live, BTS’s Suga gave an interesting update about the group’s chatroom these days.

BTS | Weverse

The BTS group chat has always been a point of intrigue for ARMYs, ever since they started sharing their funny conversations on Twitter years ago.

Even recently, the members have often shared about their interactions in the group chat, teasing the interest of fans.

But according to Suga, of late, there has been a new development in their chatroom.

On September 17, KST, Suga hosted a brief livestream on Weverse, shortly after the notice of his enlistment was put out by BIGHIT MUSIC.

Suga | Weverse

During the stream, both J-Hope and Jin unexpectedly joined in and left comments cheering for Suga. Before leaving, Jin left a comment saying, “We’re always cheering for you. Have strength, fighting!”

Seeing the comment, Suga teased Jin, saying he talks too much like a dad.

But then, he added that recently, the BTS group chat has, in fact, been full of dad-like texts from the members. Apparently, they keep using the smiley face in their messages a lot.

Fans are amused that Suga, who is usually the one accused of being the “grandpa” of the group, thinks that the other members text like an old man. Others are just happy to get an update on the enigma that is the BTS group chat!