BTS’s Hair Stylist Explains How You Can Get RM’s Stunning Sky Blue Hair In “Dynamite”

He explains in detail.

Ever wondered how you can get BTS RM‘s fun, sky blue hair in “Dynamite”?

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BTS’s hair stylist, Naeju, recently uploaded a video demonstrating the steps needed to attain the look. He invited popular YouTuber YAN to demonstrate on.

Here’s how you, too, can look like RM!

1. Bleach your hair at least 4 times if it is originally dark.

According to Naeju, YAN needed to bleach his black hair at least 4 times in order for the light color to properly show up. Expect to spend the whole day in the salon.

When asked what BTS does while waiting, Naeju revealed that they use their phones to play games or watch YouTube videos.

2. Test to see if the color stays. If not, bleach your hair one more time.

After over four hours, Naeju tested the sky blue color on YAN’s hair. Unfortunately, it wasn’t vibrant enough for Naeju’s liking, so they decided to bleach YAN’s hair a fifth time.

3. Wash off the bleach and apply sky blue hair dye.

Naeju then washed off the bleach and mixed together hair dye and shampoo. His tip is to not apply the dye directly because the final colors can vary in different parts of the hair. In order to avoid this, he recommended applying it like shampoo.

4. Apply scalp tonic.

Finally, apply scalp tonic to sooth the scalp so as to prevent damage caused by the bleaching detergents.

The result? RM’s stunning sky blue hair!

For a more detailed explanation, watch the full video below.

Source: 내주제에 Dare U Naeju


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