BTS’s Hairstylist Shares A Funny Story About RM From His Rookie Days

He will never forget what happened to RM on the coldest day of the year.

During their rookie days, BTS faced many challenges, even at the hair salon.

Hair designer Park Nae Joo has styled the locks of many top stars, including BTS, EXOGOT7MONSTA X, and NCT. On his YouTube channel, he shares behind the scenes stories about his famous clientele.


“I began working with [BTS] from their second album,” Park Nae Joo said in his latest video. “I needed to dye RM’s hair, but his hair back then was dyed black.”  

To get RM’s hair color from “No More Dream” black to “Danger” blonde, Park Nae Joo had to bleach his hair eight times! Thankfully, RM’s strong scalp could handle it.

I needed to bleach until the hair was not red anymore. And I bleached his hair eight times. [. . . ] RM has a really strong scalp, but I made strategies anyway not to put the bleaching detergent on his scalp to prevent any possible accident.

— Park Nae Joo

Park Nae Joo didn’t have his own shop yet, so he worked on BTS’s hair in a training room. There was nowhere to wash their hair except for a public washroom with no hot water.

On the coldest day of the year, RM washed his hair eight or nine times with a hose in the washroom to rinse the bleach out.

At the time, Park Nae Joo was busy putting dye on another member’s hair, so a staff member helped RM wash his. He laughed as he remembered RM running back into the warm training room, screaming. Poor RM was freezing!

To this day, Park Nae Joo fondly remembers the work that went into prepping BTS’s hair for their comeback. The entire process took more than ten hours, beginning at 5 PM and ending at 3-4 AM the next day.

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Having seen worked with BTS in the “old days”,  Park Nae Joo is proud of how far they have come.

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