Halsey Playfully Calls Out “Half” Of BTS For Clowning Her

On The Ellen Show, Halsey talked about her dancing…and how some members teased her about it.

Halsey doesn’t always call out BTS‘s clowns, but when she does she does it on national television!


Recently, ARMY‘s homegirl guested on The Ellen Show to talk about her music, and more. When Ellen brought up “Boy With Luv’s” Guinness World Record, Halsey talked about what it was like to collaborate with BTS.


“They’re super awesome,” she began. “and they really made me feel at home, like a family.” 


She then talked about the challenging choreography she had to learn before shooting the “Boy With Luv” MV.

The thing is, I’m not really a hip-hop dancer, you know? I’m more of a…”do movements that look intentional but anyone can kind of do” dancer. So I had to learn all this crazy choreography before I went to Korea to shoot the video.

— Halsey


“It was super fun and half of them were really nice to me about it,” she said, drawing laughs from Ellen and the audience.


“Yeah. The other ones were like…” She busted a “Boy With Luv” move, mimicking the members’ mocking. “And I was yeah, I know that’s what I look like, thank you. Sorry we can’t all be perfect.”


So, which “half” of BTS teased Halsey? Halsey outed one of her clowns–J-Hope–on Twitter, shortly after the Ellen episode aired.


The BTS x Halsey friendship is still going strong, and fans couldn’t be happier!


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