BTS Becomes The First To Ever Surpass 2 Million On Hanteo Chart

BTS have achieved a first on Hanteo Chart.

BTS have set a new chart record, and they’re the first K-Pop artist in history to do it!


Ever since their new album dropped, BTS have been racking up incredible sales. On its release day, Map of the Soul: Persona, reached 1,479,930 sales, surpassing BTS’s previously held first week of sales record in a single day!


By the fifth day of its release, April 16, the album surpassed 2 million physical album sales, according to Hanteo Chart. This also makes Map of the Soul: Persona the first album in Hanteo Chart history to surpass 2 million sales!


Last year, BTS surpassed 2 million sales on the Gaon Chart, but this is the first time an album has ever surpassed 2 million sales as recorded by Hanteo Chart.

Source: Daum