A Netizen’s Complaints About BTS’s Success Goes Viral, Gets Ridiculed By Fellow Netizens

“If you’re jealous, go be a singer, if you can…”

A netizen who can’t stand the success of BTS is going viral.


According to reports, the netizen is an employee of a major company in Korea who, on his company’s Blind community, wrote a post decrying the success of the South Korean boy band. Blind is a community app for employees of companies to post and share anonymously.

Blind app | NBC News

In a post titled, “I’m Going Crazy After Seeing BTS Buy Houses,” the netizen writes how he can’t stand the success of BTS.

Honestly. [sic] They were just doing what they loved and got lucky and blew up… Hard work. [sic] Didn’t I do more? Did they take the college exams? Did they graduate from a four-year university? Did they have to take qualification exams?

I worked hard doing things I hated, and I still can’t buy a house while these guys did what they loved to do and got lucky, and it is driving me crazy ha [sic]

— Netizen

The post has since gone viral in several online communities, and netizens didn’t hold back, stating, “If anything, BTS worked multiple times harder than you,” “If you’re jealous, go be a singer, if you can,” “Go become an idol,” “Your work must be hard,” “This is the type to overwork his team, once he becomes a team manager.”

Other netizens were quick to point out the poster’s fallacy in implying that only studying is considered working hard and that only through studying can you succeed.

Study With BTS | N2Bing/YouTube

Fans of the group pointed out that BTS members worked hard just to survive in one of the most cut-throat debuting systems in all of the entertainment industry, and eventually climbed to the apex of the world’s music industries.

BTS at the White House | BBC

Meanwhile, BTS’s RM and Jimin are known to live in the luxurious Nine-One Hannam complex. A residence in the complex starts at ₩9.14 billion KRW (about $7.23 million USD).

| Nine One Hannam
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