South Korean Painter Kildren Reveals How BTS “Healed” Him

BTS inspire artists just as much as they inspire fans.

With over 300,000 followers on Instagram, Kildren is one of South Korea’s most popular up-and-coming painters. Recently, his talents even earned him a chance to work on projects with major K-Pop artists like G-Dragon and BTS. In a new interview with Bandwagon, the gifted artist revealed the story of how BTS helped to heal him.

Back in May, specialty collectibles brand Sideshow announced its latest collaboration: a series of incredible portraits of the BTS members, all painted by Kildren. Available for $45 USD each or up to $1,050 USD for a framed set of all seven members, the stunning collection was inspired by the concept photography for Love Yourself: Her, incorporating the era’s colors and floral tones.

A set of BTS portraits by Kildren. | @kildren/Instagram

Naturally, as a painter, Kildren revealed to Bandwagon that he greatly looks up to famous fine artists like Vincent Van Gogh and Auguste Rodin. However, he’s also influenced by musical artists “who create, play and perform songs that inspire me“—including BTS.

Kildren | Sideshow

Kildren went on to reveal the story of how BTS first came into his life. A few years ago, when the painter was dealing with the aftermath of a relationship breakdown and struggling with his painful family history, he found himself turning to BTS. “I unconsciously drew BTS and healed myself,” he recalls, “and naturally I became an ARMY.”

A portrait of BTS’s Jungkook by Kildren.

All the relationships, the affection, and the energy naturally led me to ARMY.

­— Kildren

Even before being chosen for Sideshow’s official collaboration, Kildren has painted numerous beautiful portraits of the BTS members alongside other K-Pop artists. From his black and white paintings…

A portrait of BTS’s Jimin by Kildren. | @kildren/Instagram

… to his vibrant, brightly colored works, Kildren has been wowing fellow ARMYs with his skills for a long time. “The great impacts of those paintings at the time also mean a lot to me,” says Kildren.

A portrait of BTS’s J-Hope by Kildren. | @kildren/Instagram

I love and am grateful to BTS, HYBE, and ARMY.

— Kildren

Kildren went on to say that after collaborating with many famous K-Pop artists, he’s currently concentrating on BTS, finding their collaboration to be “the most enjoyable.” The painter revealed that BTS gives him “clear energy” and inspires him in his work. Now, he says he listens to BTS’s music more than any other artist and considers himself a true ARMY.

Source: Bandwagon Asia