BTS Shock Fans With Their Unreal Popularity After Making History By Receiving An Exclusive Award

They’re the only group with the achievement!

BTS continues to showcase their unrivaled popularity and influence no matter what they do.

Members of BTS | @bts_bighit/Twitter

Since debuting in 2013, BTS has never failed to release music that has attracted the attention of fans. Although their music has evolved over the years, each album and each song showcases the members’ unreal talent.


Considering the number of songs and albums the group has released, there is always an album for any K-Pop fan, depending on how they feel.

Streaming sites are extremely popular, and in Korea, MelOn is one of the most used, and it’s not surprising that BTS is one of the top artists.

BTS’s MelOn page | MelOn

Back in January, BTS gained attention after th

ey made history with the Korean streaming platform MelOn.

The streaming site has levels of certification for the “MelOn Hall,” and depending on how many streams an artist has categorizes artists into tiers…

Considering BTS’s continuing growing influence and popularity, many ARMYs weren’t surprised when it was announced that BTS had surpassed 10 billion streams, becoming the first artist to do so.

Months after the achievement was made, the streaming website Melon officially certified BTS’s dominance with their “Diamond Certification.”

On May 16 (KST), the Twitter platform for Melon shared the achievement again. Along with showing the group’s continued success on the platform (with BTS now having over 12 billion cumulative streams)…

| @melon/Twitter

But also the trophy that would be sent to the members.

The trophy only BTS has | @melon/Twitter

While they are in achievements in themselves, ARMYs couldn’t stop praising the group because they are the first and only artists to achieve that success and receive the trophy.

Considering how huge it is, it wasn’t surprising that ARMYs were flexing the group’s achievement on social media.

For many fans, BTS is the standard bearer in K-Pop, and the fact they made MelOn create a new category of certification and trophy for them.

Source: @melon/Twitter


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