BTS Holds The Title For Most Epic “Avengers”-Like Moment On Stage

RM holds so much power!

If you’ve been to a BTS concert, you know that they’re always full of unforgettable moments between the members and ARMY.


And it doesn’t matter if you attended one of their more recent concerts, or one of their concerts in years past — the members always put on incredible shows that are shared and admired to this day!

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Recently, one such moment from a past BTS concert has been making the rounds on Twitter, and upon watching it, it’s easy to see why.

BTS concert

The video begins with leader RM walking alone towards the camera on stage, and out of nowhere, he seems to summon Suga and Jin. Then he repeats the movement to “summon” Jungkook and J-Hope, and then does it one more time to make V and Jimin appear.


With cinematic music playing along to the clip, it’s definitely an epic moment from a BTS concert!

Reactions from fans in the comments are quite varied, but all are relatable!

There are sure to be new moments just as epic as this in BTS’s upcoming concert in Busan on October 15!