Netizens Call HYBE Hypocritical For Their New “BTS RECIPE BOOK”

Fans are questioning HYBE’s decisions.

Netizens first called HYBE hypocritical after the company seemingly tested out its ESG strategy (to showcase their consideration for environmental and social issues) with the release of BTS J-Hope‘s solo album Jack In The Box.

BTS J-Hope’s promo pictures for “Jack In The Box” | @uarmyhope/Instagram

After the announcement of J-Hope’s solo album, HYBE revealed that there wouldn’t be a physical version for fans to purchase. Instead, fans who purchased the “album” would be buying a package with a QR code (User guide), Card Holder (1 of 2), Photocard A (1 type), and Photocard B (1 of 2).

| BIGHIT MUSIC via Weverse

At the time, many fans voiced their frustration, wondering why HYBE would test their new environmental strategy on an album with only two versions as opposed to some of HYBE artists’ recent comebacks that had many photocards for fans to collect.


ARMY were also concerned about how the lack of a physical album would impact J-Hope’s ability to place on worldwide charts with his debut album and assumed it would mean he would be making less profit.

Now netizens are once again calling the company hypocritical as HYBE has announced a new recipe book, BTS RECIPE BOOK: Book of Tasty Stories, that will be available for purchase on July 28th.

The recipe book appears to include pictures of BTS and likely recipes influenced by the members’ favorite dishes. There are two versions of the album, a “GLOBAL EDITION” and a “JAPAN EDITION.”

| @HYBE_EDU/Twitter 

While many fans are excited to try out new recipes…

Other fans are frustrated that, unlike with J-Hope’s debut album, HYBE seems to be neglecting its environmental focus in favor of selling more physical merchandise.

While the cookbook definitely has a target audience, some fans feel exasperated that HYBE seems to be profiting off of BTS’s name while also making controversial decisions for J-Hope’s music career.

Although HYBE never confirmed that Jack In The Box‘s unique physical album was meant to test their new environmental strategy, fans are frustrated and hopeful that the company will focus more on BTS’s music.

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Netizens Criticize HYBE For “Hypocrisy” After Using BTS J-Hope’s Album To Promote Their Dedication To The Environment