BTS Make A Surprise, Heartwarming Appearance On HYBE Family’s “The Game Caterers”

It shows the members’ kindness.

The popular YouTube channel series The Game Caterers is releasing a series of hysterical videos centering around HYBE Label‘s active artists.

Including Fromis_9

Fromis_9 | 채널 십오야/YouTube 


TXT | 채널 십오야/YouTube 


ENHYPEN | 채널 십오야/YouTube 


SEVENTEEN | 채널 십오야/YouTube 


LE SSERAFIM | 채널 십오야/YouTube 

And a team comprised of Lee Hyun and former NU’EST‘s Baekho and Minhyun.

Baekho, Lee Hyun, and Minhyun | 채널 십오야/YouTube 

All the different groups showed off their friendship as they not only made sure to take care of each other…

“Let’s cut [the watermelon] and share it with everyone” | 채널 십오야/YouTube 
But enjoyed goofing around and supporting one another.

“but [Huening Kai’s] colleagues are amazed again” | 채널 십오야/YouTube 
Notably, fellow HYBE artist BTS was absent from the filming, but the group still made their presence known. Despite not being there, BTS sent a supportive sign for the rest of the groups.

We ran already. Good luck, everyone.

From BTS


| 채널 십오야/YouTube 

Fromis_9 and LE SSERAFIM showed their appreciation for the supportive sign.

“Did you see that? ‘We ran already.'” | 채널 십오야/YouTube 
“(LE SSERAFIM also found something)” | 채널 십오야/YouTube 

And fans were also touched by how BTS decided to support their fellow labelmates.

Hopefully fans will be able to see more interactions between BTS and their labelmates in the future.

Source: 채널 십오야