BTS Fans Urge HYBE To Respect Jimin, Shut Down Controversial “Nickname” 

The name is used by anti-fans.

BTS fans are calling for HYBE to respect Jimin, following the release of a behind-the-scenes video.

Jimin | @FILA_Korea/Twitter

Today, BTS’s BANGTANTV YouTube channel uploaded a new “EPISODE” from the 76th United Nations General Assembly (UNGA). In September, BTS attended the event as speakers and special presidential envoys for President Moon Jae In.


A subtitle in the video is now causing a stir among both K-ARMY (BTS’s Korean fans) and I-ARMY (BTS’s international fans). In this scene, the nickname “Chicken Jimin” (닭지민” or “Dalg Jimin“) was included.

While it’s not uncommon for HYBE to use BTS’s nicknames in subtitles, this particular nickname has unpleasant origins. Jimin’s anti-fans have been known to use “Chicken Jimin” to disparage the star online.

As such, ARMY is now trending “HYBE RESPECT JIMIN” to express their frustration, in the hopes of correcting the subtitle and preventing “Chicken Jimin” from appearing in future BTS content.

Watch the video here: