Fact Check: Did BTS Members Sell All Of Their HYBE Stocks?

A viral news report has sparked mass confusion.

 BTS members sell all of their HYBE stocks?

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On November 17, a now-deleted news report went viral in which a media outlet stated that all seven members of BTS had sold all of their HYBE stock.

The news caused widespread confusion as many wondered what that would mean for the seven members who had just recently all signed new contracts with HYBE.

As the confusion escalated, HYBE clarifed the situation. In a report, Yonhap News revealed that BTS member did not sell their positions but that their special designation as shareholders had ended.

In a statement, HYBE revealed that the group members had not sold their stock but simply that their “Special status” as shareholders had ended.

 The members did not sell their stocks. It just means that their shareholder contract with Bang Si Hyuk has ended and thus will no longer be considered special related parties. This has nothing to do with stock sales or changes in the stock.


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Source: yonhap news