ARMYs Criticize HYBE For Excessive Whitewashing Of The BTS Members When Promoting Their Upcoming Book

“Why are they the same color as the white background?”

Whitewashing is an issue commonly seen in K-Pop where idols are made to look paler than they are. Recently, ARMYs have hit back at HYBE for whitewashing the members of BTS.

The members of BTS | @bts_bighit/Twitter

In particular, while whitewashing is predominant in the K-Pop industry, ARMYs have always loved sharing the natural pictures of the BTS members without editing and embracing their natural skin tones.

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While BTS has always promoted the idea of loving yourself, it seems like BIGHIT might not have got the memo as they’ve come under fire for whitewashing the members ahead of the group’s book release.

BTS is set to release a book to celebrate their tenth anniversary, and it’s not surprising that the group’s social media account has been promoting the book in any way possible.

Of course, although many fans couldn’t hide their excitement about the book, but some were not as happy with the cover. In particular, many ARMYs slammed the obvious whitewashing of the members on the cover.

Some fans even took matters into their own hands and showed what the company had missed out on after editing the photo to showcase the members’ natural skin tones.

One netizen pointed out that the photos used of the members were actually from 2020…

And another fan shared the photos she believed might have been taken around the same time. In particular, in the OG photos, all the members showcase their natural skin without any harsh editing.

Considering how beautiful idols are without all the editing and how much BTS promote loving yourself, ARMYs were disappointed to see the whitewashing on the cover of a book that is meant to tell the story of the group.

Source: @bts_bighit/Twitter

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