Hyundai Is Teasing At A Huge Project With BTS, And Everyone Is Hyped

What could it mean??

Hyundai has recently released teaser pictures hinting at a secret project with BTS, and ARMYs are going crazy wondering what it might be.

The vehicle company has posted three pictures on their Instagram so far – of Jin, V, and Jungkook respectively – all with the quote “Because of you” over the images. In the captions of their posts, they claim that a “world premiere of Hyundai’s new story with BTS” will be played in Times Square in NYC on February 21 – the same day as the premiere of Map of the Soul: 7.

The event will apparently be a 1-hour exclusive show, though more details haven’t been made clear besides that much.  It’s no wonder that fans are dying to know what’s going to happen – it’s a big day for BTS and ARMYs everywhere!

BTS has also been named the brand ambassadors for the company once again, so no doubt there is a lot in store for everyone to see – the least of which will presumably be more gorgeous pictures of the boys in and around elegant vehicles.