Behind-The-Scenes of BTS “Idol” Performance At Golden Disk Awards

Do you remember the giant Haetae sculpture?

On the 6th of January, BTS wowed the audience with their performances at the 33rd Golden Disk Awards.

BTS caught everyone’s attention with “Fake Love” and charmed the crowd with their charisma during “Idol”.

But what had the public really amazed was the giant Haetae(Korean mythical lion beast) sculpture that BTS rode out onto the stage during “Idol”.

The sculpture was 10m in length, 4m in width, 4m in height, and weighed a staggering 1.5 tons.

The spectacular beast transported BTS approximately 50m to the thrust stage, where BTS hopped of the Haetae and continued on the performance with 100 back-dancers filling the entire stage.

Yoon Jinhee from JTBC’s broadcast art team, who was part of the team that worked on creating the Haetae, stated that the Haetae alone took 2 weeks to create.

Creating the Haetae sculpture took two weeks by itself. We sculpted using special styrofoam, then installed safety bars and handles for extra safety, and also made the sculpture flame-resistant. The position of the stairs and height also depended on safety.

We created [the sculpture] with the artist’s safety in mind as the most important thing.

– Yoon Jinhee, Art Director

Yoo Wonsang, director of the performance, also emphasized that the team worked with safety as the number one priority.

We put rails down on the stage and over several tests and fixes, made sure the Haetae could safely make it out onto the thrust stage electronically.

We tried to allow the artists to get as close to the audience while also keeping everyone safe.

– Yoo Wonsang, Stage Director

He also explained that they went through numerous system rehearsals over the course of a couple days.

Even after completion, we had many system rehearsals over the course of two days for safety inspection.

– Yoo Wonsang, Stage Director

BTS’s “Idol” stage performance wasn’t just about visually stunning the audience though.

They incorporated a meaningful message into it: justice and the power of music that transcends generations, eras, languages, nations, ethnicities, and religions. The Haetae was a perfect choice for this stage, as this Korean mythical creature represents justice and judgment between right and wrong, virtue or vice.

The production crew said they were inspired by BTS’s reputation and actions when planning this performance.

We thought the way BTS remains righteous despite whatever situation they may be in fit well with the meaning of the Haetae. The way BTS protects their fans and gives them comfort and energy also reminded us of the Haetae.

We wanted to express BTS’s status and progression, of how they are making themselves known all over the world.

– Yoon Jinhee, Art Director


She also explained the meaning behind some of the visual aspects of the performance.

The prisms and light that penetrate the auditorium depicted the infinite power of music that spreads without border or limit. The lights are a visual representation of BTS’s musical influence and popularity that overcome language, age and nationality.

– Yoon Jinhee, Art Director

Watch this fancam of their amazing “Idol” performance if you missed out:

Source: Ilgan Sports and Newsen