Viewer Rating During “2018 SBS Gayo Daejeon” Peaked With BTS “Idol”

And #Jimin records 36 million tweets!

BTS proves their popularity with viewer ratings during “2018 SBS Gayo Daejeon”.

On the 26th, TNMS Media released data on viewer ratings for “2018 SBS Gayo Daejeon”. Part one and part two both hit an average of 7.4% viewer rating, unchanged from the previous year’s viewer rating.

TNMS stated that the highest viewer rating throughout the program was recorded when BTS was performing their hit song “Idol”. Viewer ratings shot up to 10.8% momentarily.

BTS performed a variety of songs on stage, including their debut song along with many other hits: “No More Dream”, “Dope”, “Fire”, “DNA” and “Idol”. BTS  put on a striking stage performace, and fans didn’t hold back on expressing their excitement.

Not only that, after BTS performed “Idol” on “2018 SBS Gayo Daejeon”, Jimin’s name started trending on Twitter, climbing up to 4th on Worldwide and hitting 1st in Austria.

“#Jimin” was recorded 36 million times during the 12 hours following “2018 SBS Gayo Daejeon”. “#BTS” was close behind at 27 million.

With a couple more end-of-year music festivals still to come, fans are excited to see what BTS has in store!

Source: Ilgan Sports and Herald Corp