BTS Launches “#IDOLCHALLENGE” And ARMYs Respond With The Most Epic Dances

These are some of the best dance moves you’ll ever see!

BTS launched a new viral dance challenge called the “#IDOLCHALLENGE”, where J-Hope danced a segment of their new choreography for “IDOL” and challenged the fans to follow through!


As expected of ARMYs, the response was incredible as hundreds of fans got up on their feet to respond back to J-Hope!


Some added in their own flair and style to make the #IDOLCHALLENGE their own!


There were some ARMYs who are all about supporting the boys’ challenge but were not yet ready to showcase their mind-blowing dance talent to the world.


Others said “Screw it!” and debuted their amazing skills to the viral internet!


Some ARMYs even got their brothers, parents, baby nieces and even dogs to get in on the viral dance challenge!


But the most amazing aspect of it all is how BTS brought people from all over the world together with one song and one dance!