BTS Jin’s Fanboy Love For Brad Pitt Is Still Going Strong

He brought up this Hollywood star on iHeartRadio Live.

It’s been years, but American actor Brad Pitt still ranks high on BTS Jin‘s list of faves!


In a 2017 interview with Access Hollywood, Jin created an iconic moment when he named Brad Pitt as his “Hollywood crush”.

Brad Pitt.

— Jin


(And yes, this is the same interview where Jungkook said, “I know her face, but I don’t know her name. I know movie, but I don’t know movie name.”)


On January 27, BTS guested on iHeartRadio Live, where they discussed their upcoming MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 album, their 2020 world tour, their new collaboration with Lauv, and more.


As usual, BTS were also asked about future collaborations. “Who is on your collaboration wishlist,” host JoJo Wright asked. “Now, we’re talking both vocally and/or writing.” 


said Ariana GrandeSuga said Post Malone, and Jin said — you guessed it — Brad Pitt. The crowd went wild!


“He’s gonna shoot a movie,” RM added, laughing.


RM may be joking, but fans would love nothing more than to see Actor Jin debut someday — with or without Brad Pitt!


Watch the whole show here: