A New BTS Series, “In The SOOP”, Is On The Way 

This new series could feature BTS, TXT, and more.

Exciting news, ARMY. A new BTS series is coming!

Since 2016, BTS film have filmed their travel-reality show Bon Voyage in between tours. So far, the members have vacationed in Europe, Hawaii, Malta, and New Zealand, but it looks like they’ll be taking a different approach in 2020, due to travel restrictions for COVID-19.

A new series called In the SOOP (“soop” meaning “forest”) has been trademarked and submitted by Big Hit Entertainment to the Korea Media Rating Board for review. The episodes will be released after the board has reviewed and rated them.

Since no official announcements have been made yet, little is known about the series, but some fans believe In the SOOP could be a stay-cation version of Bon Voyage filmed at a Korean camping resort that shares the same name.

Since In the SOOP has a “BTS version”, there is a possibility that other groups under Big Hit Labels, such as TXT and GFRIEND, could have their own versions.

Stay tuned for more updates!