“BTS In The SOOP” Gets A Major Upgrade For Season 2, And We’re All Freaking Out

Our minds are blown 🤯

The first season of BTS In the SOOP was absolutely incredible, and it looks like the second season is going to be even more magnificent!

Poster for BTS In the SOOP 2 | @INTHESOOP_TV/Twitter

BTS rented a luxurious private lake house for the first season, and viewers everywhere were in awe of the spacious main house and the cute guest house. The house was so incredible that some ARMYs even booked their own stays there!


As magnificent as this award-winning house is, BTS is staying at an even more extraordinary house for the second season.  Their new In the SOOP house was built just for them, too!

The first teaser for BTS In the SOOP 2 revealed that HYBE Labels created a space “for BTS and BTS only.” The new filming location appears to be made up of 2 massive houses where BTS can relax and have fun together.

The teaser also showed fans a little bit of the construction process ahead of BTS’s arrival. The construction and architecture preparations took an entire year, which explains why we’ve had to wait so long for season two!

As the teaser gave ARMY a glimpse of the new In the SOOP set, the members could be heard sharing their first impressions of the house. Jungkook said, “It kind of felt like we were filming a movie.” 

Jimin was just as blown away by the house and loved that it had a swimming pool, tennis court, and basketball court! He said, “It was really unbelievable. There was even a swimming pool! It was unbelievably nice and spacious, too. There was a tennis court and a basketball court.” It definitely looks like the staff thought of everything BTS might want while filming In the SOOP!

RM said, “When we first arrived, it looked huge.” RM’s totally right. Just look at how massive the house, the pool, and the tennis court are!

J-Hope said the house looked “kind of like a mansion.” As J-Hope’s voiceover played, the teaser showed the newly built house’s at-home gym.



Jin asked, “Wow, where is this? Isn’t this basically a castle?” As he spoke, we saw shots of the house’s gorgeous interior and exterior. The entire house screams luxury, and it’s clear that HYBE Labels spared no expense when building BTS’s new home away from home.

Suga was impressed by the house, too. He said “this isn’t a view you can easily see in Korea” as more shots of the interior flitted across the screen. The staff even hung up Jungkook’s painting from the first season of In the SOOP to make the house feel like more of a home to the members.

V said “it was like a place only we wanted to know, our secret place” as the teaser showed more of the house’s grounds. Looks like the entire space is absolutely massive, and BTS will have plenty of room for outdoor activities.

This glimpse at the new filming location made ARMY even more excited for the new season, and everyone is freaking out over the luxurious new set!

See the jaw-dropping teaser for BTS In the SOOP 2 for yourself below!