ARMY Are Celebrating A New Update To BTS’s Personal Instagram Accounts

“One of the best decisions!”

Ever since BTS got their own Instagram accounts, ARMY have been loving all the new content they get from the members. Like RM‘s updates when he visits art galleries or Suga‘s pictures from his “mysterious” photoshoot.

As BTS are continually breaking records with their Instagram following, like how V became the fastest person in the world to reach an impressive milestone, ARMY have been grateful that BTS limited their comment sections.

This not only prevents any spamming or malicious comments but allows fans to enjoy adorable interactions like this one between Jin and J-Hope.

Fans even recently warned Jungkook that he’d accidentally allowed comments on his Instagram posts while entertaining fans on Instagram live.

Netizens are aware of BTS’s every change on the app, which has led to Jimin explaining that he’s “scared” to use Instagram out of fear he “might press something wrong.”

But fortunately, ARMY are celebrating a new Instagram feature that will hopefully further free BTS from scrutiny. Along with preventing comments, BTS are now the only ones who can see all of their followers.

Fans suspect this is a feature of being a verified Instagram account.

And many are also hoping that BTS will next limit their “following” list, hoping the members would then be able to follow any accounts they want.

Although some fans are pointing out that this new update makes it more difficult to anticipate any future collaborations, which is something detective ARMY have done successfully in the past.

Which some fans are actually more excited about as they’re looking forward to being surprised.

Still, above all else, ARMY are excited that BTS are getting more privacy.

And, of course, are looking forward to seeing all of the new content BTS will post.