BTS V’s Advice For Suga Backfires On Instagram, And We Can’t Stop Laughing  

They’re struggling…just a little.

Learning a new app can be hard for anyone, but it must be especially stressful when millions of followers are watching your every move!


On December 6th, all seven members of BTS opened personal Instagram accounts and, long story short, it broke the internet. For some members, transitioning to a new platform was easy, but for others, not so much!

When Suga uploaded his first post, this photo of a park, he left the comment section wide open, rather than restricting it to his members. This was…not intentional.

After receiving thousands of likes and comments, Suga deleted the post, leaving his account looking like this.

After fixing his settings, Suga posted a visual representation of his struggles with Instagram: this red square. In the caption, he wrote. “Instagram is really hard :(.” Thankfully, his members are here to help!

J-Hope supported Suga with emojis, while V wrote, “Try listening to a YouTube tutorial, it’s convenient.” The question is, should Suga be listening to V’s advice?

It seems like V might not have watched those tutorials himself! After commenting on Suga’s post, V had his own mental breakdown about the app, thanks to a tiny, rookie mistake.


He accidentally followed BLACKPINK‘s Jennie! Needless to say, chaos ensued.


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BTS’s V Accidentally Follows BLACKPINK’s Jennie On Instagram And Chaos Ensued

The Internet Is Forever