BTS’s Interpreter Confesses She Momentarily Stopped Interpreting Just To Hear RM’s Voice

As you probably already guessed, she’s a big BTS fan!

Ahn Hyun Mo, the interpreter during the live broadcast of the 2018 Billboard Music Awards, confessed on an episode of Happy Together 3 that she purposely paused interpreting during RM’s speech to hear his voice.

She explained that she judged it best to let everyone hear RM’s voice and full speech rather than interrupting with the interpretation so that they (and she herself) could enjoy his beautiful voice.

Ahn Hyun Mo is an interpreter who recently began gaining attention from netizens as the Korean interpreter for the live broadcast of the 2018 North Korea-United States summit.

She is also the wife of rapper and Brand New Music CEO, Rhymer.

But she’s been gaining even more attention and love from ARMYs for her sensible pause during RM’s award speech.

She had apparently planned to make this pause before the broadcast and added that she did not want to miss any bit of RM’s voice not only for fans, but for herself as well.

I was thinking of doing that from the beginning and I didn’t want to miss any bit of RM’s voice, so I let the audience listen to all of it. I also wanted to pay closer attention and listen to RM rather than covering it up with my voice.

ㅡ Ahn Hyun Mo

In fact, she confessed that she had become a big fan of BTS ever since she started watching their videos for work.

I grew to really like BTS ever since I started watching their videos for work. Even when I didn’t have to watch anymore, I found myself continuously watching them.

ㅡ Ahn Hyun Mo

She had apparently listened to their songs so many times that she often found herself even singing to their music.

Without even realizing it, BTS songs just pop out of my mouth when I’m walking around or getting ready to go out… since I’ve heard them so many times.

ㅡ Ahn Hyun Mo

But only after the tunes have already come out of her mouth does she regret it because of her husband, Rhymer.

But as soon as I begin singing the songs, I check on my husband in case he might be angry that I’m singing other artists’ songs and not his. So then I begin singing a Brand New Music medley.

ㅡ Ahn Hyun Mo

The hosts of the program also asked her if she didn’t get confused between BTS and President Trump, since she took on the role of interpretation for both around the same time.

She admitted that it was quite difficult and that sometimes she felt as if Trump would start singing “Fake Love”. “Fake news” was apparently a word that Trump often uses.

When I’m watching YouTube, sometimes I feel like President Trump is going to start singing ‘Fake Love’. And a word that he often uses is ‘fake news’. Since he uses the word frequently, sometimes I think he might start singing ‘Fake Love’.

ㅡ Ahn Hyun Mo


In fact, there were many words that Trump frequently used repetitively and Ahn Hyun Mo added that it was difficult to interpret for him sometimes because of it.

President Trump tends to use the same words frequently. Always ‘great, great, great’ or ‘a lot of a lot of’. But if an interpreter interprets this directly, it’s easy for listeners to think it sounds like the words of an elementary school student. So I usually use a variety of words for ‘great’ such as excellent, significant, impressive or exceptional.

ㅡ Ahn Hyun Mo

Nonetheless, it looks like Korean ARMYs will be relying on this talented interpreter more and more in the future as BTS continues to conquer music industries around the world!