What BTS Wishes For in 2019

BTS expects 2019 to be another great year.

BTS showed off their humor and bond during their interview at “2018 KBS Gayo Daechukje”.

BTS started off the interview with their signature energetic greeting.

V spoke up first, praising the fans for a good year.

You worked hard this year. Make the most of the days left [of 2018]…and gift flowers to your parents!

– V

Suga also pitched in with a sweet message to the fans.

It’s very cold, isn’t it? Make sure you don’t catch a cold. We’ll see you next year too.

– Suga

Then the interviewers asked BTS if they had something they wanted to thank the member for. RM playfully thanked the other members for being alive, but the sincerity behind his words showed through.

I don’t have a lot to say, but… Guys, thank you for being alive, for breathing, for being born. Thank you, BTS.

– RM

Jungkook complimented RM for his touching words, and also thanked the members for taking care of him.

I’m the youngest of the group, right? So I sometimes grumble a lot, but thank you for putting up with that. And thank you for leading me in the right direction.

– Jungkook

The members jokingly responded by saying “I’m glad you know.” and patting Jungkook’s back as he bowed to them.

Then when asked about what BTS’s 2019 New Year’s wish was, J-Hope gave the fans a heartfelt answer.

BTS’s 2019 New Year’s wish is to be healthy, both physically and mentally, in order to give you the best performances. Everyone, take care of your health.

– J-Hope

It’s nice to see BTS and A.R.M.Y taking care of each other and wishing each other well!

Source: MBN Star