BTS Talks About How ‘BE’ Is Different, What Role Music Plays In Their Lives, And Why It’s Important To Stay Ambitious

‘BE’ expresses how the members feel about the current situation.

The Zach Sang Show recently dropped an exclusive interview with BTS discussing all there is to know about their new album BE.

Let’s take a deeper look into what they’ve been feeling and going through this year.

What role has music been playing in your lives over the past few months?

Jin: Music helped us through the pandemic. It comforted us and we wanted to share this with everyone.

What is it about music that holds you up? Is it the concept that you can express exactly how you feel? What part of it is the fuel to keep you going?

Jimin: I think, and I’ve mentioned this a lot before, but it is something that is hard to define in just a few words. You know, consolation, healing, thanks, or inspiration and a lot of other things and it can’t be said in just one or two words. To the fans we say we love you because it is again, hard to express all these emotions in just one or two words so we simply say we love you.

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How is BE different from the past albums you put out there?

RM: We’ve always put in our thoughts and perspectives in our music, but with BE, we really documented our present lives. As for the other albums, like Love Yourself or Map of the Soul, they were kind of like series that were planned tightly. It’s for this moment right now. It’s happening, that’s why we named this album BE. So it’s really special in this kind of moment in that sense.

Why was it time? Why did you want to take on the challenge as director for the music video?

Jungkook: For this album, we had a lot of input and opinions from the members. I’ve always liked taking videos and videography so I just naturally took on the role. It was pretty tough; it was very different than doing it as a hobby. There was a lot of pressure but I think it also made me realize that this is something that I want to continue to do. It sort of gave me a goal to keep reaching in the future.

Why is important for everyone to stay ambitious and keep challenging themselves?

V: I think new challenges really bring me joy. Instead of being really immersed in one thing, to try new things, and of course we try new things because you like them. Being able to immerse yourself in these different things I think it gives you a real feeling of joy and allows you to keep going and challenging yourself.

J-Hope: It gives a real meaning to what it means to be alive. Doing new things, challenging yourself, I think that it really defines what being alive really means.

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