BTS Isn’t The Only Korean Artist On Billboard Top 100

BTS recently made the list of the top 100 artists of 2017 as chosen by Billboard, but another Korean singer made the list, surprising everyone.

Source: Billboard

Coming in at number 48, the other Korean artist on the list was New York-based Korean house musician Yaeji with her hip track “Raingurl”.

Born in New York City, Yaeji is fluent in both Korean and English, and utilizes her language skills in her tracks, writing bilingual lyrics that give them an exotic feel.

Considered the new exciting voice of the house music scene, Yaeji released a self-produced EP that contains the hit single “Raingurl”.

“With its subterranean house throb and highly-quotable call-outs, Yaeji brashly serves both ends on this alternate universe dance blockbuster.”

— C.P. from Billboard

With nerdy glasses and an unconventional style, Yaeji’s groove and flow is a big hit among the club goers in New York City.

As BTS’s “DNA” was ranked only one spot higher, it seems the Korean wave was hitting the American mainstream music industry hard this year!

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Check out Yaeji’s music video for “Raingurl” below:

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