Here’s Why BTS Isn’t Performing Solo Songs During “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE,” According To Suga

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The BTS members are the biggest OT7 stans on the planet!

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BTS is currently shining through the city of Los Angeles with a little funk and soul during their PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE concerts, and ARMY couldn’t be more thrilled to see the group on stage again.

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While ARMYs are truly delighted to see all 7 members hit the stage once again, many were hoping to see them perform their solo songs from the Map of the Soul:7 album since the members never got to perform their solo tracks in front of a live audience.

Concept photo for Suga’s solo track from Map of the Soul:7, “Interlude: Shadow” | BTS/Weverse

Although the members likely wanted to perform their solo songs while hearing ARMY cheer for them, they decided to only perform songs that included all 7 members, which meant no solo songs and no sub-unit songs that include just a handful of members.

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During his ending ment at the end of last night’s show, Suga explained why the group decided to only perform songs that include all the members.

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I want to tell you why we set this concert up with no solo songs and just our group songs. We prepared everything—from the cue sheets, the devices, stages, everything—because we’ve been away for 2 years, and we wanted your full attention and your full focus on all 7 of us.

— Suga

ARMY cheered loudly after Suga said this, and the video of his speech went viral on Twitter.

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Fans loved hearing Suga ask ARMY to give all 7 members equal attention and love.