BTS’s J-Hope Shocks ARMYs With Risqué Ripped Pants

He’s such a boss for wearing this!

BTS‘s J-Hope has shocked ARMYs with his risqué ripped pants.


While it’s been a few months since J-Hope’s legendary star-studded Jack in the Box listening party, his killer outfit from that night is suddenly a topic of conversation…

J-Hope wore an effortlessly fashionable fit that was so him, consisting of baggy ripped jeans.

J-Hope at listening party for “Jack in the Box.” | Naver

These jeans are now a hot topic on Twitter after ARMYs realized that the large rips on the front of the pants aren’t the only ones… Actually, there are rips on top of and beneath the seat of the pants.

ARMYs were absolutely shook to realize that J-Hope was showing even more skin than they initially realized.

And the fact that he chose to wear such an edgy fit at his own party with many of the biggest names of the Korean entertainment industry in attendance was such a boss move.

This pair of jeans might be the latest trend. Recently, EXO‘s Kai rocked a similar style. Check it out below.

EXO’s Kai Shocks Fans With Risqué Ripped Pants

Source: Iittlegloss