BTS’s J-Hope and Becky G Confirm Details For New Song Together

Get ready for the collab!

Big Hit Entertainment has confirmed the details for BTS’s J-Hope’s new track with Becky G, finally answering all of the questions ARMY have had the last few days after #CNS trended.

J-Hope will be releasing his new track “Chicken Noodle Soup (feat. Becky G)” on September 27, at 6pm KST on all of the major online streaming sites. The song will also come with a music video, and even better, the song will be released for free!

The song uses the hook taken from DJ Webstar and Young B’s version of “Chicken Noodle Soup”, and is a song that will recreate the vibe of early 2000’s hip-hop in a more trendy style to match the current day. J-Hope participated in writing the lyrics in Korean, while Becky G participated in writing the lyrics in Spanish.

The choreography is also a new interpretation of the dance from the song, and dancers of 50 different countries participated in the choreography scenes in the music video, produced by Lumpens.

Big Hit Entertainment also commented on the international collaboration.

Becky G is a bright singer and actress from the United States. The connection between J-Hope and Becky G is that they both liked the song “Chicken Noodle Soup” when they were younger, and thus they got together to work on this track.

— Big Hit Entertainment

Source: Osen