BTS J-Hope’s Behavior Towards Fans And Reporters At The Airport Showcases His True Personality

ARMYs were waiting with a birthday surprise for J-Hope. 🎂

BTS‘s J-Hope was recently spotted departing for an overseas schedule at Incheon Airport on February 19 (KST), and he was greeted with a surprise from ARMYs.

BTS’s J-Hope at Incheon Airport

J-Hope recently celebrated his 29th birthday on February 18 and was sent heartwarming birthday wishes from fellow celebs and ARMYs around the world.

As is common with the BTS members, J-Hope went live on Weverse for his birthday, showing off his adorable cake and his close friendship with Jimin, who “crashed” the live.

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BTS’s Jimin and J-Hope during J-Hope’s birthday live | Weverse

He also showed off a separate cake made by BTS’s Suga, who popped into the Weverse live chat.

His oldest hyung Jin also sent him a birthday message on Instagram, making many ARMYs emotional as Jin is currently serving his mandatory military service.

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Jwehope, happy birthday

— Jin

Shortly after his birthday celebrations, J-Hope arrived at Incheon Airport to fly to the U.S. for a private schedule.

Ahead of his arrival, fans had thoughtfully lined up in a neat line on one side of the entrance while the media waited, facing the door to get the perfect photos of his arrival.

When he swiftly arrived, he quickly became the main event looking effortlessly trendy in his all-black Louis Vuitton outfit.

He turned the airport into his own personal runway with his high-fashion outfit, but it was his kind and thoughtful manners that really stole the show.

When he walked through the doors, ARMYs, who remained to the side to respect J-Hope’s space and safety, began to sing “Happy Birthday.”

The singing quickly turned into loud cheers and screams for J-Hope as he happily skipped and danced through the airport entrance.

He thoughtfully greeted ARMYs while sending hearts, waving, and bowing in their direction.

When reporters also wished J-Hope a happy birthday, he graciously thanked them.

J-Hope’s heartfelt actions showed his thoughtful and kind personality that ARMYs know and love.

His love and care for ARMYs is evident in many of his choices and actions; ARMYs are always on J-Hope’s mind. Check out the article below for why he felt apologetic to fans after releasing his song “Arson.” The reason also showcases his true personality.

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