Here’s A Look At The Numerous Times J-Hope Referenced Past BTS Dances In Crush’s “Rush Hour”

ARMYs are feeling nostalgic 🥺

As many K-Pop fans should know, Crush just released the new song “Rush Hour” featuring none other than BTS‘s J-Hope.

The collaboration was incredibly well-received by fans, and it’s easy to see why — the song is a total bop!

And not only are fans loving it for the unique new song that it is, but some have spotted several references that J-Hope has included to old BTS dances, making them feel super nostalgic and also missing seeing the members together 🥺

BTS | BigHit Music

In a compilation posted on social media, references in “Rush Hour” can be found to BTS’s “Boy With Luv”, “Mic Drop”, Jin‘s “Super Tuna”, and more.

An additional clip in the comments on the post also showed the throwback to “Pied Piper” too!

There are tons of fan reactions to this compilation on Twitter, and they are definitely relatable.

We love to see BTS’s members referencing their old work in new pieces like this, even if it makes us miss seeing them together!