BTS’s J-Hope Has The Best Reaction When Meeting Older And Male ARMYs During His Recent Radio Show Appearance

There are no restrictions to being an ARMY!

Although many people like to assume that K-Pop fans are of a certain age, gender, and demographic, they couldn’t be further from the truth. Worldwide, there are fans of all ages and from every country imaginable. Unsurprisingly, BTS fans (ARMY) are also full of so much diversity.

In particular, this widespread love of BTS was shown during a recent radio appearance from member J-Hope.

BTS’s J-Hope at the radio show | @lovegame1077

J-Hope recently appeared on Park Sohyun’s Love Game podcast. As expected, ARMYs were waiting for the idol to arrive and, despite the rain, he greeted them all.

Even inside, 30 ARMYs were lucky enough to watch J-Hope doing the podcast live. He made sure they could all feel his love with his bright smile and even some adorable aegyo, even if it were ARMYs watching live through the broadcast from their homes.

During the final part of the podcast, Park Sohyun spoke more about the lucky fans who were able to attend in person, and J-Hope made sure to give them some adorable hearts to make their experience even more memorable.

She even shocked fans and J-Hope by explaining that over 30,000 people were watching the online stream, and it showcased J-Hope’s popularity.

In particular, two lucky ARMYs in the audience were chosen to be interviewed by the host and they couldn’t have been a better choice.

The first choice was a male fan who was 17 years old and from Gangwondo, and he seemed so excited to speak to J-Hope, who had the cutest reaction to the fan.

As expected, the fan seemed very flustered, but it just seemed to make J-Hope love him even more. The smile on his face as the fan spoke seemed unbeatable.

It feels like a dream, I don’t know if I’m even alive… Oh my, he’s so handsome.

— Male ARMY

Park Sohyun then asked if J-Hope had any influence on his dreams and aspirations in the future. Unsurprisingly, like all ARMYs, this fan had a special connection to J-Hope and couldn’t stop praising how much the BTS rapper had helped him.

When I would get tired of studying, I would listen to J-Hope’s songs and see his videos. He really helps my dreams.

— Male ARMY

The fan even revealed that he worked in the pastry industry and compared J-Hope to a madeleine, and J-Hope couldn’t be happier with the comparison as it was a dessert he loved.

If that interaction wasn’t cute enough, the next fan proved that BTS has no limitations when it comes to the age of fans. The next woman truly melted the hearts of ARMYs worldwide when she explained, “Welcome Sookja! Big love from an elderly fan of J-Hope.

J-Hope seemingly couldn’t stop smiling and even started dancing after the woman revealed that she was actually 60 years old.

She then explained that she had become a fan of BTS and J-Hope because of her daughter and even described him as a “Knight” and that he drives her crazy. Although her daughter couldn’t come, she made sure to share her love for J-Hope.

Although she was there as an ARMY, the woman then shared her motherly love with J-Hope when praising him for the recent Lollapalooza performance.

She explained how proud she was when she watched him and that she was worried because she thought he lost weight. The love and motherly care the woman had for J-Hope was enough to make both him and ARMYs worldwide smile.

Don’t forget your smile like the sunshine of spring, and be healthy for a long long time! And Hobi, please do everything that you want to do, whatever it is!

— Elderly ARMY

Even when the show finished, J-Hope continued to show his love for fans when he took a group picture with the fans in the studio…

And also greeted those who had waited to see him off at the end.

| @lovegame1077

As expected, BTS has shown that they are able to touch the lives of people from every walk of life. With their amazing music, charming personalities, and message of hope, the group’s diverse fanbase proves just how popular they are worldwide.


Source: SBS Radio