BTS’s J-Hope Dancing On The Kitchen Table Was Something We Didn’t Know We Needed

How did we not know we needed this in our life?

Samsung has been owning it with these new BTS commercials and this time they’ve done it again with J-Hope!

Previously, they had ARMYs holding on for dear life with Jin and Jungkook’s cinematic trailer as well as Suga looking like a chef.

| Samsung

On October 4, Samsung dropped the “Galaxy x BTS: A Piece of Cake: Zoom speed control | Samsung” video that lasted a mere 23 seconds.

This short but sweet clip revealed things that fans didn’t know they needed in their life…

…such as J-Hope taking high quality video of food…

…or J-Hope dancing on top of the kitchen table…

…and giving us a godly stare for the finale!

We all know you need to see the full masterpiece so watch it below!


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