BTS’s J-Hope Reveals How He Channels His Inner Darkness When Creating Music, Despite Being The Group’s “Vitamins”

He wants to show fans different sides of himself!

In every K-Pop group, a member is dubbed the “Happy Virus,” and this person will normally be the one to keep everyone’s moods up. In BTS, there is no denying that J-Hope is that member and has even been called the group’s “vitamins.”

BTS’s J-Hope | @bts_twt/ Twitter

J-Hope recently sat down with Weverse Magazine and spoke about everything from ARMY, learning English, and more. During the interview, he explained how he felt having that name given to him not only by the members but ARMYs worldwide.

I used that expression because I feel like I consistently and unchangingly (laughs) give the team good energy. I don’t know if I’m actually the vitamins or not. Looking back, I’ve always tried to give them good energy and keep them in a good mood, and I think it’s safe to say now that I’m one of those people who try hard to keep their group’s energy up.

— J-Hope

J-Hope with the rest of BTS | @younghollywood/ Twitter

Yet, J-Hope added that he wasn’t always happy and, in particular, this showed in tracks such as “DIS-EASE” and the song “Blue Side” from his mixtape.

People’s emotions change every day, and so do their feelings and the things they can accept throughout their lives, right? I’m not really different from anybody else, which means I can’t always be as bright as I was on Hope World.

— J-Hope

J-Hope’s mixtape Hope World | Big Hit Entertainment

In the interview, J-Hope also explained that, for these songs, he had to channel his inner darkness and look at who he really was as a person. Rather than seeing it from the perspective of J-Hope from BTS, he saw a more real side of Jeong Hoseok that he hadn’t thought about before.

I realized I’m not just some always-cheery person—I experience hardship, too. So I thought I could grow closer with listeners by sharing little parts of me that I had been hiding away and that it would be interesting to show people a side of me that’s different from their idea of who J-Hope is.

— J-Hope

Sometimes, it is easy to see an idol as the person we see on stage. Like J-Hope, that isn’t always the case as everyone has different sides to them, whether bright or dark, that can bring inspiration and heart to the songs written.

Yet, there is no denying that J-Hope is always able to put a smile on both BTS and ARMYs with his dazzling smile and charming personality.

Source: Weverse and FI