Fans Are Loving BTS’s New Song “Take Two”… Except For J-Hope’s Disappointing Lack Of Lines

Fans have had enough.

In celebration of their upcoming 10th debut anniversary, BTS recently released a special single titled “Take Two”.

Unsurprisingly, fans were elated to get new music from the boy group featuring all of the members, especially with Jin and J-Hope currently fulfilling their military requirements.

However, after the song was released, people noticed what has become a frustrating and disappointing trend with some of BTS’s more recent music.

When taking a look at the line distribution of “Take Two”, it’s clear that the rappers of the group — RMSuga, and J-Hope — have much fewer lines than the vocalist. And of the rappers, J-Hope has the least lines out of all of them, with a shocking 1/6 the amount of lines that Jungkook has.

The total seconds each BTS member has in “Take Two” | Rivanstar/YouTube

The difference is even more evident when looking at the data through the percentage of lines that each member has.

Percentage of lines each member has in “Take Two”

As mentioned, this isn’t the first time that the rappers — and J-Hope in particular — have been given such few lines in BTS’s songs. Here are a few examples of their more recent line distributions.

Fans have taken to social media to express their outrage and disappointment in J-Hope’s lack of lines. It was even predicted by some, who aren’t surprised but are understandably upset.

Fans even trended the hashtag #FreeJhope in order to draw attention to the issue.

Hopefully J-Hope will be more heavily included in the rest of BTS’s 10th anniversary plans.