BTS’s J-Hope Reveals The Heartwarming Reason “Life Goes On” Was Released As Their Title Track

He opened up about the reason behind why the song was chosen!

BTS‘s J-Hope shared the reason behind their decision to release “Life Goes On” as the title track of their album, BE!

BTS recently sat down for an interview with Apple Music, where they talked about everything from their latest album, recent hit tracks, to themselves!

On the topic of their latest single, “Life Goes On”, they were asked about the significance of the timing of the song’s release.

“Life Goes On” | BigHitLabels/ YouTube

Why was it important to BTS to release this song now? Why this song ahead of the album?

J-Hope then spoke up, talking about the difficult times that everyone around the world was going through, and wanting to release a song that addresses that while communicating their own feelings through the song.

Everything is so different now. We kept asking ourselves, ‘How can we share with our fans all the doubts and emotions we’re having through this period?’ The answer was, of course, music!

— J-Hope

He then revealed that the group wanted to convey a feeling of solidarity with their fans, and to tell them that “life goes on”.

We wanted to tell them that we also have all these mixed feelings within us, and at the same time, comfort them that life goes on. ‘Life Goes On.’

— J-Hope

BTS released their fifth full album titled BE in November 2020, with the title track “Life Goes On”.

Watch J-Hope talk about their title track here!